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Are you looking for the best Social Captain alternative? Discover why Owligram is the best alternative and how you can build a real audience on Instagram, effortlessly.

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Why Owligram is the best Social Captain alternative 👇

TL/DR: Social Captain is out or service and you are looking for a reliable Instagram growth service to let you automate the follow/unfollow process and gain real Instagram followers. Our Google Chrome extension Owligram is the place to go, 10-day free trial period and 30-day money-back guarantee will let you taste what the platform can do for your Instagram account.

Best alternative to Social Captain in 2021

Automated actions

Owligram is a Chrome extension to automate the follow and unfollow for your account and

Real & organic followers

Owligram isn't a followers shop, it's an Instagram automation to help you gain real and organic followers thanks to the reciprocity principle.

Get real instagram followers


Owligram Chrome extension is super safe since it works directly in your browser and emulates human behavior. See the follow and unfollow actions being executed on real-time.


See the growth of your audience thanks to our Instagram growth tool directly from the extension.

Improve your Instagram growth
Control your Instagram growth

Actions speed control

Grow at your own pace. Control the speed of the actions directly from the extension.

They have switched from Social Captain to Owligram

These are some of the marketers already reaping the rewards of our Instagram followers app and saving precious time while growing their Instagram with real and organic followers.

"Owligram is the first Instagram growth service that comes to my mind when a client asks me how to grow an instagram account fast."

Sebastián Cardozo

Founder of Nicho SEO

"With Owligram we were highly surprised; we managed to make our brand visible and we reached the audience we wanted."

Martín Lockart

Creator Retro Games

"Thanks to Owligram we are giving a massive boost to our clients' Instagram accounts. A total game-changer to get real Instagram followers."

Sebastián Álvarez

Founder Noventaynueve Agency