How does the auto follow process work?

The platform automates the following and unfollowing tasks based on:

  • Account to scan – an account that has followers from your target audience. Ideally, it should be the account of a competitor or leader in your industry.

To start the following process, do this:

  • Open
  • Provide the account to scan.
  • Turn the switch to On on the Dashboard.

Then, Owligram will:

  • Automatically pin the Google Chrome tab that opened on
  • Start scanning the account and saving profiles.
  • Start the following/unfollowing process.

It will follow up to 50 accounts a day based on the speed selected.

If you open the pinned tab, you’ll see that the extension will start opening Instagram account profiles and will check in real-time the profile to be followed.

Important: don’t use from the pinned tab while the platform is running.

Owligram also takes care of the unfollowing tasks of the accounts previously followed. Learn more about the unfollow process here >>