How do I use the Agency plan?

If you want to use the Owligram Agency plan from the same laptop/desktop you’ll need to have several Google Chrome Users.

Don’t worry, this will take less than 2 minutes to configure.

Please, follow these instructions:

Get an Agency License Key #

To get a license key, please open the extension from your Google Chrome desktop browser, go to Plans and pick Agency.

You’ll be redirected to our payment processor site to finish the purchase.

Open and log in with one of your accounts #

After completing the purchase, you’ll receive via email the license key that will be valid for all the accounts (3) you want to use with this license key.

Go ahead and open and log in with one of your Instagram users.

Open Owligram extension and associate the license key #

Associate the license key for this account.

Create a new Google Chrome User #

On the top right of your Google Chrome desktop browser, on the left of the dots icon   you’ll see the User’s menu. Click on it:


Then click on Add:

Install Owligram in this new Google Chrome User #

Go to the Google Chrome store and install Owligram extension and install it for this new user.

If after install it doesn’t appear visible on the browser, please click on the extension icon (top right of Google Chrome), look for Owligram extension, and pin it.

Open and log in with a different account #

Now, you’ll be associating a second Instagram account with this new Google Chrome user.

Open Owligram extension and associate the license key #

Enter your unique Agency license key and you can start operating your second account!

Important considerations #

  • Repeat the same process if you want to add a third account.
  • All of your Google Chrome users must be opened with Owligram turned On to work.
  • If you minimize the browser the extension keeps running and working on your behalf.
  • You can leave the extension always On, you don’t need to switch it to Off on a daily basis.